Welcome to the world of authentic experience!

This is the place where the past meets the future, where the morning dew transforms into Mediterranean perfumes during the day and where the rays of the first morning light wake up the surface of the unique blue nuance of the sea…

It’s a challenge, it’s an opportunity, it’s a discovery and it’s an experience.


Looking for DISCOVERY...

Crystal clear sea, rivers transparent water, yellow Spanish broom flourishing in the spring time or reddish leaves that leave you breathless in autumn are our heritage and it is our responsibility to preserve them.

Therefore, we are proud to have responsible partners with raised awareness of beauty of our world. We want to share our world with you.

Let yourself go with the feeling and stay aware that maybe tomorrow, somebody will like to enjoy the world as you do today!


If this is country of 315 sunny days a year, with more then 1200 islands and islets along the coast, decorated by high and rough mountain chains and hidden river canyons, is there anything that you can't do there?

We think, there isn't!





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